Long Exposure Photography

Even though I love doing quirky portraits my long exposure pictures seem to be amongst my most popular shots on Flickr.
For this reason I have made a video to show what equipment I use and how I get the shots I do.
Included in the video is the equipment I use, how to do a custom white balance in camera to correct colour casts for 10 stop filters and me down the beach putting all these things into practice with a picture at the end from the beach itself.

Doing videos is very very new to me so is a big learning curve, sometimes the lighting might not be right or the sound quality may not be very good in places.
I want to apologize for the sound of the beach part of the video due to me using the built in microphone of my Nikon D7100 which has picked up the howling wind.
I am in the process of getting an external microphone that plugs into my D7100 which will hopefully improve audio quality indoors and out, so bare with me.


I hope you enjoyed my video and that it might have helped in anyway to improve your photography or to just give an insight into long exposures.

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