PPOTY 2012

Had some amazing news recently when I received an e-mail from Professional Photographer with regards to my entry into Professional Photographer of the year (PPOTY) 2012.
My entry into the 'Location Flash' category made the top 20 for that round, I know I didn't win but WoW what an achievement especially with the amazing standard of the other entries.
The other entries look like they come straight from an advertisement or a high profile magazine like Vogue so to be placed beside the best 20 has left me with a very proud glow.

The top picture is mine which is my daughter at Birling Gap at sunset.
The bottom picture is not mine and was placed underneath but attached to the same page.

It's also thanks to my family for helping me with my photography making it possible to get shots like the one above.
My daughter is a great sport and is included in a lots of my pictures trying loads of of different things for me so we can be creative and fresh.
My wife comes with me on photo shoots giving ideas, support and also an extra critical eye, the odd hug and cuddle spurs me on as well.
My other daughter was holding my flash stand and umbrella for the picture above and is brilliant for behind the scene technical stuff, she has also modelled for me in the past and has been included in a photo book but prefers being behind the camera nowadays.
My son has modelled for me and gets involved in my shots when asked and is great fun to work with.
So as you can see I get a lot of family support which shows through in my pictures and has helped me improve, this has also let my creativity flow.

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