Cable Release Placement

Does your cable release just dangle from your tripod.
Does your cable release sway in the wind and bang on the legs of your tripod.
Do you stand there with the cable release in your hand whilst doing long exposures.
Have you dropped your cable release in the sea whilst taking that early morning seascape.


I have done all of the above and more, having no where to put your cable release can be annoying and frustrating so I came up with a little plan to make life easier, this will mean you can step back without holding the cable release for the duration of your exposures.

This is a very simple way to attach your cable release to your tripod.
You will need

  • Tripod
  • Cable release
  • Velcro (hook and loop)
  • scissors
  • Cable ties

I love velcro it is so handy and great for sticking things to each other.
You can get velcro from most places but I got mine from C+H Fabrics.
Velcro comes in strips,rolls and squares, what type you choose depends on how much you need or use, I use lots of it for alsorts of things so I have a roll of it.
Make sure you get the sticky back velcro so you can stick it to your cable release and also make sure you get the two types, HOOK and LOOP as they will stick to each other.

Once you have everything ready you just measure a piece of Velcro to attach to your tripod and cut to size.

I use the Loop (soft) velcro for the tripod and attach using cable ties.
I place this piece of velcro onto the foam grip of the tripod so the cable release will be facing you and easy to reach, I then secure it with cable ties, using three or four spread evenly to make sure it doesn't come off as you will be pulling the cable release off often.

Now the tripod is done I need to do the cable release.
Once again measure the length of velcro required and cut to size.
I use the HOOK (hard) velcro for the cable release.

Peel off the paper from the back of the velcro exposing the sticky back and then place the velcro onto the back of your cable release pressing firmly all over to make sure the glue contacts everywhere the velcro is.
Allow the glue time to dry and you will see that the velcro will be stuck solid to the cable release.
If your cable release is digital and has a battery compartment make sure you don't attach one strip all the way down as it will be a nightmare trying to change batteries.
Either use a shorter strip or cut the strip into two sticking one piece to the upper rear of your release and one piece onto the battery compartment, see below.

That's it now you can just place your cable release onto the velcro on your tripod and just leave it there.

The Velcro is quite powerful so once you place it on don't try and take it off during an exposure as you could pull the tripod and ruin your picture.
If I'm doing long exposures or star trails, once I press the shutter release I will very softly just place the cable release onto the tripod velcro, both pieces just latch onto each over with no effort and as long as you are careful it won't affect your picture and you can just leave it there whilst the camera does it's thing, great when exposures go into minutes or hours.
If you have a manual cable release and are using the lock button and need to stop your exposure don't pull the cable release off, just very carefully unlock the button whilst its still attached to the tripod.
Once again be careful and and it won't affect your picture.
So there you have it no more just leaving your cable release to just dangle knocking into the legs of your tripod or standing there holding it for ages just sit back and let the camera do it's thing.

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