Dog Photography - Testing High Speed Sync Flash

After a quick test of my new Godox flash gear at home with water splashes ( check out my previous post) I needed to get out and practice some more and test my gear again.
Step forward man's best friend, well my best friend and faithful companion Max our Border Collie.
Not only an amazing dog but a bit of a poser which was great for me and my camera.

I wanted to test out High Speed Sync again using my Godox Xpro trigger and Godox TT600 flashguns so headed down the beach with the sun still in the sky, a situation I wouldn't normally contemplate with normal flashguns.

I set up 2x TT600's on a tri hot shoe attached to my Manfrotto Befree tripod this allowed me the option of adding a third if needed.In this situation 2 was plenty as I didn't use modifiers but relying on a bare flash situation for maximum light output.
Also I wanted to keep weight to a minimum as it wasn't very easy getting Max into the exact spot I wanted and keeping him still for too long, he was full of energy and wanted to bound about amongst the pebbles of Eastbourne Beach.
Having 2 flashguns on one hotshoe also widened the flash beam radius which I needed as I was working mainly with ultra wide angle a Tamron 15-30 and also ultra close for that quirky effect.

The sun was setting behind Max but was still in the frame which gave me a perfect opportunity to test my High Speed Sync, I was running shutter speeds between 1/1000 and 1/2500 sec with amazing results, I also had the leeway of going anywhere up to 1/8000 sec if needed.

I had the aperture wide open at f/2.8 which is normally only possible with neutral density filters, but oh boy not today, with HSS I opened up that aperture and boosted that shutter speed as far as I wanted it which was a great feeling.

I think the flashguns where set to around 1/8 power but if I had only one flashgun and used modifiers I might have started to struggle to get a good exposure even at 1/1 power but I will have to test this further to see what these modern day marvels are capable of but for now I'll let the results speak for themselves in my video below, so check it out.

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