Water Splash photography

Like most photographers I'm always looking for new and exciting ideas to test my skills and push the boundaries of my creative mindset.
Like most photographers I go through stages of not knowing what to shoot and end up not getting my camera out at all and feeling down due to a creative lull.
The picture above was taken in August 2015 and was an experiment from one of those creative highs.
Sometimes those experimental shots which you've never done before can be one of your more successful and polished shots which goes to show just try, try and try again.
This picture which I named 'Two Disciples Of Water' due to the two glasses on the right looking like the figures of people leaning towards the third glass which looks like a wave of water gave me a feeling they where in search of water, quite a vision from a picture, perhaps you can see that as well, or maybe not, what do you see ?
Not only has this picture won me a few small prizes but it also made 'Photo Of The Day' on Fstoppers click me which is no easy feat so obviously I felt ecstatic on such a nice achievement.

The reason for this blog post on a picture I took over 2 years ago is that I have loads of people ask me how I created this shot and as I am now trying to make YouTube videos on photography I thought I would put together a video on how I created this shot and share my secret with anyone who wants to try it for themselves.

So if you love photography, if you love creative photography make sure you check out my video which shows you the cheap gear and equipment I used to put this shot together.
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