Unboxing the Feelworld FW760 7 Inch IPS Full HD 1920x1200 On Camera Field Monitor

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Like most people who start getting into recording video you may not have that really useful flippy screen on your camera, the one that flips around like a drunk gymnastic so you can see yourself when filming vlogs etc.
I found it quite stressful trying to film myself without not knowing if I was in the frame or if I was in focus or if I showed a product to the camera whether it could be seen or not.
To combat this I decided to take the plunge and bought myself an on/off camera field monitor.
After much debate, having a limited budget and checking reviews on Amazon and Google I plunged for the Feelworld FW760 7 inch Full HD monitor.
I paid around £130 for this unit which isn't the cheapest and isn't the most expensive, but for the price this monitor comes with some pretty cool and nifty features that you may only find in more expensive models.
Here is a list of the features this bad boy includes

You will probably agree looking at the list of features that this is a pretty impressive unit for the price and so far I am extremely happy with it with only a couple of little niggles I will mention in a minute.
Now as a video newbie myself I have to admit I don't yet understand a lot of these features but a couple I do understand or have learnt since buying this unit I will mention now.
  1. High Resolution: Full HD 1920x1200 (hell yeah full HD)
  2. Histogram (Live histogram, useful for when filming yourself)
  3. Peaking Focus Assist (Check focusing using colours, so useful)
  4. Zebra Exposure (shows blown highlights on the fly)
  5. Zoom (Auto,4x,9x,16x) (Zoom right in to check focusing in high detail)
These are just a few really amazing features which will make your workflow much faster and easier, I know it will for me.

Now the couple of niggles I want to mention
  • The quality of the unit is very plasticky including the buttons which have that horrible plastic clicky sound and feel, not a deal breaker though, for the price its workable.
  • When attached to my Nikon D750 the monitor emitted a whine bigger than a wife who finds you've left your dirty underpants on the bathroom floor again, I read about this online and some people suggested it was an unshielded HDMI cable, to correct it myself I put my cameras audio into manual mode and lowered the sensitivity level until the whining stopped, be aware of this because it was so loud I thought it was going to damage the monitor.
  • the supplied hotshoe ballhead out of the box felt really good and solid but in reality when used it was cheap and flimsy, no matter how much I tightened everything it kept wobbling and wouldn't stay in position, in fact I'm not sure I even trust it to hold the monitor properly so I ordered a friction arm to attach the monitor to a light stand or the camera tripod.
So only a couple of minor niggles but the positives far outweigh the negatives.

The Feelworld monitor comes in a variety of packages including ones that come with batteries and chargers, I already have batteries so opted for the dc plug so I can plug it directly into the mains power supply when at home.
Another great feature is it takes batteries and electricity, it uses the Sony NP batteries which are universal for lots of products including cameras and lighting. 
The monitor also comes with a very cool lightweight sunshade for using outside, once you've attached the bracket the sunshade is attached using Velcro which is already part of the sunshade, you can take it on and off within a second or two and it folds flat.

So far it looks like a super cool product and based on initial thoughts I can recommend this unit.

Here are a couple of links so you can check out the price and specs for yourself.

Feelworld website Click Me
FW760 on Amazon Click Me

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