Professional VS Amateur Photographers the Key differences

I made a video on my thoughts and opinion on the key differences between professional and amateur photographers which is above so just click the bloody thing and watch it :-)
The reason I chose this topic for my latest video is I feel photographers, especially new photographers set themselves up to fail, why? because when we trawl through all the amazing images posted all over social media we first of all wonder how these breathtaking images where possible in the first place, how did these photographers manage to capture images some of us can only dream of capturing.
We then go out to try and emulate what we have just seen on our computer screens only to fail to meet the standard we went out to emulate in the first place.
But surely these photographers taking these mind blowing images just picked up their camera bag, walked out their front door saw the amazing scene, fired off a few shots, captured the image GOD would be proud of then walked back in their house for tea and cake.

Well I have news for you as I am about to blow the perfect bubble that we perceive in our minds.
When we see these perfect shots that we cant quite match up to, the photographers taking them may have been taking images for years and years, they might have the latest gear at their disposal making their photo life that bit easier, they might be a whizz at editing in Photoshop, they may live near an amazing location and go back day in day out to catch the perfect light, etc...etc...etc
This is the point I wanted to make in my video the differences between a professional photographer or pro level photographer and an amateur or hobbyist, the Pro knows his trade inside out,its his job, its his business, its what pays the bills, so a pro may be taking the same pictures day in day out whether its portraits or landscapes or any other genre his business revolves around.
In my video I just go into a bit more detail about what's involved and why we shouldn't think we are going to take the same shots, I'm not going to jump on a plane anytime soon and fly to Iceland to spend weeks photographing waterfalls and amazing skies, I'm not anytime soon going to have a big budget for a fashion shoot with loads of models and assistants.

As an amateur we are every bit good as a Professional Photographer we just have to work a bit harder to achieve similar results by thinking creatively and working with what we've got, so instead of trying to emulate exactly what you have seen on the front page of 500px use it as a guide, use it as inspiration to push your boundaries, this way you will create your own images and your own style and create inspiration for others.

Don't set yourself up to fail, set yourself up to win :-)

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