Depth Of Field In Photography

Whilst I build up my own confidence making YouTube videos and trying different things  I'm practising explaining photographic subjects such as Depth Of Field.
Depth Of Filed is something that may look simple but it really isnt that easy to do unless you have the know how and the equipment to do it.
With the advances of technology and how accessible DSLR's are becoming to the average user, these togs have all this technology at their fingertips but not always the understanding of how it actually works, a lot of newbies coming into photography may just stick their DSLR into auto mode and fire away not knowing the power they have at their disposal.
One purpose of my video is to inform new togs to jump into aperture priority and use the aperture to increase or decrease depth of field or to explain it differently what is in focus or out of focus between two points in a picture or scene.
With this new found knowledge photographers can start to unleash their creativity and have fun at the same time so I really hope this reaches as many togs as possible.

My YouTube channel is picking up pace but I am still building up confidence so may still have that deer in the headlights look with a few umms and erms thrown in and also a few repetitive sentences, I'm still a newbie when it comes to video editing as well but the more I do the more I improve, fine tuning as I go.
I will plug away until I get a routine which is smooth and natural so make sure you subscribe and follow me on my journey from newbie to a video master.

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