Blending Multiple Images in photoshop Using Masks

As part of my YouTube channel experience I wanted to cover multiple areas of Photography including photo processing.
This way I can make more and varied content to keep it fresh, engaging and fun.
First thing was to find some software to record my photo editing, cheaper the better and free a God send, what do you know God was listening.
I found this fantastic free open source software called Open Broadcaster Software, OBS for short or OBS studio for everything in-between.

Here is a link to the website and software for you guys to check out for yourself

For free software this is an amazing piece of kit, enabling me to record exactly what's going on on my computer screen in real time, the video I will post below is the first time video Ive made using this software and I am very pleased so far so watch this space for my content using OBS studio.

The video I recorded below is of me processing some shots I took of a basketball shoot I did a little while ago, I needed to combine multiple images using masks to get the final results I had in mind.
The video shows the shots I choose in Adobe Bridge which I then get into Photoshop and stack on top of each other making it easy to add masks for the blending process.
Masks are such a powerful tool once mastered, making it super easy to delete things from an image to show what's on the image above or below, this is normally the technique used for making people or things float, this is done by taking a picture of a background, then taking another picture with someone standing on a chair, then using masks erasing the chair from the top image which then shows just the background from the bottom image, hence the illusion of someone floating.
This technique is sued for an array of subjects only limited by your creativity and ideas.
For my video I used this process to make me jump super high and dunk a basketball, something that would be pretty much impossible for me to do in real life due to age and weight restrictions lol.
Anyway check out my video below and see for yourself how I used masks to blend images.

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