What's In My Camera Bag Thinktank Airport International V2 (Tardis Version)

I've just started trying to do YouTube videos again so to get the ball rolling I did another what's in my camera bag.
One of my first videos around 3-4 years ago was a what's in my camera bag and was quite popular, you are obviously a nosey bunch lol, anyway to date its almost 11,000 views and for a first video this has blown me away and inspired me to do my next one.
Even though I still have some of the original equipment from the first video I also have loads of new additions including a brand new bag a Thinktank Airport International V2 and I love this bag so much I wanted to show you what I keep in it and how much it holds, make sure you watch this video to the end as I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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If you have any questions about my video, my bag, my photography etc just drop it in the comments below, on YouTube or one of my other social media platforms that I link below and I will try and answer it as best as I can.
Here is a link to my bag in the video so you can check out the specs for yourself Click Me
This particular bag has been discontinued but replaced with an upgraded V3 version.

Just wanted to drop a Massively Big Thank you to Thinktank  for their support and customer service, so make sure you check these guys out :-)

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