Pixapro Beauty Dish Unboxing and Set Up

I ordered myself a new 40 inch silver collapsible beauty dish from Pixapro which sat in its box for 2 weeks due me having a summer flu, the flu in summer wtf is that all about.
My wife tells me its called Man Flu, either way its crap.

Normally I get super excited and am already unboxing something whilst the postman is handing it to me so to leave something in its wrapper for 2 weeks made my man flu all the more worse.

As soon as I was well enough me and my daughter shared the celebratory unboxing with you via the magic of YouTube.

Making YouTube videos is still a massive learning curve so the audio is a bit dodgy which I apologise for, the microphone was on the floor in front of us but in my haste to break out this dome of silvery goodness I placed the box and bag on top of the microphone creating the audio mishap, lesson learned for next time.

Me and my daughter acted a little bit silly at the beginning to make it fun so we was also a little embarrassed, I was in two minds whether to post the video but thought wtf you only live once.

Anyway we hope you enjoy our unboxing video and hope it helps in some way
and dont forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel were we will be doing shoot to see how the beauty dish performs

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