Photographer Vs Photographer

If you have read my previous post you will know my motivation and picture taking was at an all time low, now I had two choices, one was to continue down a path of self destruction and the other was to push myself to move on and get back my old self motivation.
I decided with the support of my family to get back on the horse and get back out taking pictures.
One of the things I really wanted and needed was sunrises and sunsets which I have very few, due to the type of shift work I do getting out at these times can be difficult due to tiredness.
I made a big effort and got up at 0330am to drive to Fairfields church in Romney marsh, Kent.
Sunrise was around 0630 and I wanted to get there in plenty of time.
The drive was around an hour plus I needed time to find my way around in the dark and find a good location to set up my gear.
I was set up and ready by around 0545am so all there was to do was wait for the colours to come.

Whilst I waited another photographer turned and set up his gear right next to me.
I did notice this photographer had all the latest and expensive gear including the holy trinity of lenses, he also had to mention when he got out another lens, "oh I think I will swap to my 14-24" etc and yes even the 14-24 had the custom expensive filter holder with all the filters.
I stood next to this photographer with my mediocre gear but feel I came away with some pretty good shots.
It wasn't the amazing sunrise I was hoping for but I was still pleased with the results and glad I got up early for it.
One thing I keep wondering though is the photographer who stood next to me with the expensive gear, what his pictures look like and how they compare to mine, would his pictures be better than mine due to having equipment I can only dream of, because if his pictures came out the same as mine or  worse then that might stop my desperate attempt to acquire newer gear and just be happy with what I have.

I chatted briefly to the photographer next to me but will never know who he is so will probably never see his pictures to compare.
So for now I will keep motivated and keep trying to get the elusive sunrise/sunset I'm after with my mediocre gear and will make the effort to get up early, one thing is for sure I will be visiting this quaint little church again but maybe a nice startrail next time.

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