Professional Photographer Of The Year 2014

For the second time I have been shortlisted for Professional Photographer Of The Year, the last time was in 2012 with a picture of my daughter at sunset sitting on a rock at Birling Gap, East Sussex.
To be shortlisted not once but twice amongst an array of amazing photographers and pictures is such an honor and a great boost to my confidence and profile.
With regards to timing I was told of my shortlisting just after I shut my website and domain down so I have no website to link people to at the moment, this blog which is a little neglected of late is all I have at present.
The reason I shut my website down was my contract came to an end, I wanted to start a new site from scratch and reinvent myself with a new logo and brand ready for the new year of 2015.

As soon as I hear the news of the winners I will do a follow up post with my shortlisted picture or possibly winning picture lol for all to see.