PhotoSEL 35x140cm strip softbox

The ball is rolling again and I have finally done another YouTube video.
My latest video is me unboxing and erecting my new PhotoSEL 35x140cm Strip softbox.
Putting together softboxes can be quite daunting at first which is why I did this instructional video to help others who may feel overwhelmed or unsure.
Whether you have a square softbox or a strip softbox the basic building principle is the same so check out my video which is a bit further down this page.
The other reason for this video is to share some technical information and a price comparison between PhotoSEL which is an affordable way into photographic accessories compared to a leading brand like Bowen's which is known for pure quality but at a price.
At the time of my video I checked out some prices

PhotoSEL 35x140cm strip softbox with honeycomb grid £78

Lumiair Strip 140
Lumiair Strip 140
Bowen's 40x140cm Lumiair strip 140 £192
Lumiair Strip 140
Bowen's 40x140cm soft egg crate £239
Bowen's total = £431

That's a saving of £353 for one strip softbox with honeycomb grid/soft egg crate which is a phenomenal difference.
As an amateur I can't justify paying the Bowen's price for a softbox so can't offer a comparison with regards to quality.
I am also in no way taking anything away from Bowen's which is a very high quality and recognized  leading brand and owned by professionals the world over, I am just looking at a cheaper alternative allowing photographers like myself the opportunity to own and use equipment normally owned by  professional photographers.

The PhotoSEL strip softbox also comes in a smaller size the 22x90cm so if you are tight for space or don't need the full size you have the smaller one as an option.
The ring mount of the PhotoSEL is the 's' mount so is compatible with many brands of strobes like Bowen's, Interfit, Elemental etc.

I have 2 of these strip softboxes which I will be testing soon and when I do I will post the results on my blog so you can see for yourselves if the quality matches the price, but I have to say already at this price you really can't go to wrong.

I would also like to add I am in no way affiliated with PhotoSEL I am just sharing my experiences and opinions with anyone interested.

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