Youtube Superstar

I finally got round to doing my first ever Youtube video.
This is called  'Whats in my camera bag'.
Basically I kept it simple by filming myself showing and explaining everything I keep in my camera bag.
I started on the outside working my way in.
As this is my first ever video I was a little nervous so paused a few times trying to think about what to say next, as my confidence grows I'm sure things will flow a lot better and be a lot smoother.
Also you can see me constantly looking away, this was because on a previous practice run I waffled on so much I went over my cameras maximum allotted 20 minutes and the camera stopped recording, I carried on without realizing Doh!, anyway I had a full screen countdown timer on the computer that I kept looking at to keep within time (learn't something new straight away).

Check out my video below

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Here is a picture of the set up I was using.
Video set up
As you can see it is quite a good space but I had to use my Sigma 10-20 for it's ultra wide angle to fit in the top of my head and my camera bag at close quarters.
The lighting in this part of the room wasn't brilliant so I got out my Elemental studio strobes to use the modelling lights to brighten up the area but as I started one of the modelling lamps went kaput so I was left with one.
With a single strobe I was getting harsh shadows so I pointed it directly at my bag instead of me so everyone could see what was going on in the bag.
To do this video I used my new Nikon D7100 to test it out and check the quality.
Very impressed so far but will be looking at an external microphone to improve sound quality.
The D7100 was placed on my Manfrotto 055xprob which you can see in the picture above and I used the D7100 to take this picture that's why it's not on the tripod.
The best thing about this picture is our cat looking through the kitchen door lol.

Please feel free to leave suggestions on how I can improve my video's or if there is anything you would like to see like certain tutorials, drop me a comment and I will try and do it for you.
I'm looking for loads of ideas to get the ball rolling.

Thanks for looking
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