How To Use A Reflector

I have finally got round to doing my second Youtube video.
Youtube videos are starting to get quite addictive even though I have only done my second one.
The only other thing is they can be quite nerve racking and make you feel a bit self concious until you get your confidence up.
For my first video's I'm trying to come up with concept's that are easyish to describe and put across, not that I have done a good job of that but what the hell I'm having fun doing it.

This video shows some uses for your reflector and what it's good for.


I didn't have anyone to pose for me to get the best from the reflectors, I also wanted to take stills whilst using the reflectors to show before and afters, I couldn't do this which was a shame.
I used the reflector on myself and as I couldn't see the effect at the time of filming I didn't realize how extreme the light was being reflected.
It looks like I was burning my head off LoL.
As the reflector was so close to my face the light was amazingly over powered so if you try using a reflector hold it further away from the subject to decrease the intensity.
Also when you are taking stills pictures you will be adjusting your camera settings to help control the light hitting your subject, combined you should get some really good shots.
At least I showed the principle of the reflector which I hope helps a few people out.

Now I'm new to this video lark so lots to learn and confidence to build, I now know I need an external mic for my DSLR to improve audio quality.
In this video you can hear the wind, other noises and I could have been a lot louder so this is something I will be looking into.

I hope you enjoyed the video and please feel free to leave a comment in the box below.
If you want to request me to do a video tutorial on anything in particular drop me a note in the comment box.

Thanks for looking
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