Colour VS Mono

I had a walk around Bodiam castle East Sussex to try and capture some nice evening colours and test out my new Nikon D7100.
Alas the orangey red fiery sky I was hoping for didn't happen but being the photographic trooper I am I carried on.
I took some lovely pictures of this amazing piece of British history with fabulously reflective and watery moat enjoying every second of it.
It was a peaceful and tranquil evening only bumping into one other person who also came armed with their camera looking for photographic goodness.
After a good old chin wag I stood there waiting for the light to fall and a change in the sky colour.
The gods of colour were not watching over me on this trip as I came away with a few nice shots but not the vibrant smack in your face WoW factor I was looking for.

Here is a colour version of Bodiam Castle with an underwhelming colour to it.

Bodiam Castle
I am very pleased with this picture but just imagine it with that sky on fire and that colour reflecting in the moat, perhaps like a river of blood, now that would have been dramatic and awesome.

Whilst post processing the colour version I had a little tinker (no not a toilet) and magically took away the allure of all that colour to see what effect it would have by changing it to black and white.

Here is the Black and White version.

Bodiam Castle

The question is what is better colour or black and white.
Well there is no definitive answer as it depends on the individual.
Some of you will be drawn to the colour version and some of you will swear by mono.
I love both versions but to me mono just seems to add character and drama to a shot and can increase impact.
Personally I love both types of genre's and love having the choice by shooting Raw.
So don't limit yourself by saying I only shoot black and white, make sure you capture that picture in colour then decide if it would look better devoid of all those colourful pixels.

I would love to know what you prefer out of the two pictures so please leave a comment below.

Thanks for looking
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