Bowens 50th Anniversary

Bowen's the famous flash and modifier company have celebrated their 50th anniversary by doing a competition in honor of this amazing milestone date and their success.
Link to Bowen's competition page

I decided to enter this competition with the theme being '50'
I love competition's and themes as it gets my creative juices flowing letting me have even more fun with my photography.

Here is the picture I took and entered into the competition.

This picture was taken in my front room using only two flashguns.
I created the backdrop first taking pictures of the flashes which where placed in front of a black velvet background and moved each shot to create the 50 in lights.
I then used the same two flashguns to light myself by placing them either side of me but slightly behind to create a dynamic and dramatic light.
I then combined the images in post processing and converted to black and white.

The great news is I have made the shortlist and am amongst the top 10 which means I have a 1 in 10 chance of winning.
This is were you can help, the winning picture is based on Facebook votes.
The picture with the most votes is the winner so it would be great if you could head on over to the page and vote for me, link provided below :)

Click me to go to the pictures

My picture also has my name on Simon Anderson.

Don't forget to check out the Bowen's website to see some of their amazing equipment.
Bowen's website

Thanks for looking and thanks for your vote if you had the chance.
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