Coastway Landscapes

The best thing about living along the coastline is the array of Landscape and Seascape shots to be had.
From sunrises to sunsets to piers and rock formations, the list is endless.

Birling Gap
Headed off to Birling Gap to catch a sunset, even though the colours weren't as vibrant as I had hoped I captured a very pleasing image.I walked around for about 10 minutes trying to find some nice foreground interest to compliment the wonderful cliff line and sky.
I found this lone pool of water surrounded by seaweed and sand and knew with my Hoya polariser I could make the most of the reflective surface and those clouds.
With light levels dropping fast I can't emphasize enough how important a tripod and cable release are to get a nice crisp shake free shot.

Sunsets are a little easier to capture than sunrises due to getting out of bed at unruly hours which for me is very difficult.
My aim is to make extra effort and drag my butt out of bed to get more sunrises.

Below is a picture of Brighton's West Pier to show that every now and again I can actually listen to the annoying buzz of the alarm clock and head out bright and early and capture those lovely colours.

Brighton's West Pier

My daughter came with me on this shoot keeping me company and just chatting on our little adventure.
We found loads of starfish scattered around the beach and decided to incorporate one into my shot.
My daughter found this ginormous one so I placed it just in front of my wide angle lens but central to the old West Piers decayed struts.
This picture was shortlisted in the National Geographic Travelers competition 2012 which I'm ecstatic about, to even be shortlisted for such an Iconic and prestigious magazine was more than enough for me.

The coastline is not only amazing for sunrises and sunsets but is also superb for long exposures.
Thanks to 10 stop filters long exposure photography has exploded and is very very popular.
These amazing filters can turn day time exposures into seconds and even minutes adding motion blur to moving objects or smoothing out water to give a smooth milky effect.

Eastbourne Pier
This picture of eastbourne pier and beach was an exposure of 120 seconds smoothing out the sea and clouds.

This 154 second exposure shows how long exposures can make mono shots extra dramatic,I love that moody and powerful sky.

Eastbourne Pier At Night
Just wanted to finish this post with the inclusion of a night shot.
This is Eastbourne Pier just before the light disappeared which has given me a nice sky and reflections in the wet sand.
Be careful taking pictures with a tripod on sand, if you don't push the feet down firmly the tripod could sink during the exposure ruining your shot.

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