I needed a picture for a travel competition I wanted to enter so had to come up with an idea sharpish as there is only a couple of days left until the deadline.
You will have all the normal entries like camels, the Afghan man smoking a cigarette or the race with the man between two cows splashing water everywhere, they are in virtually every travel competiton and as great as they are , they get a little boring and repetitive. (just my opinion).
Unfortunantly I can't travel to venice or India or all the other amazing places to get a fantstic travel shot which I'm sure will win as aways but I like to make an effort and at least enter something.
This morning an idea popped into my head so I grabbed my camera bag,tripod,flash stands,a suitcase filled with a towel,suncream,snorkel,and sparkly shoes, my wife and my daughter (my wife and daughter wasn't in the suitcase) then headed to a local but non busy train station called Glynde.
It started raining but luckily there was a bridge to keep us dry whilst I set up my gear on the platform.
I checked the train times and on a Sunday there is one fast train an hour which whizzes past around 70mph so unless I wanted to stay for a few hours I needed to get the shot in the bag on my first try.
I set up my Nikon D300s on my Manfrotto tripod and attched my hahnel cable release then set up 2x flash stands and attached 1x Nikon SB600 to one and 1x Jessops 360 AFD to the other.
To fire my flashes off camera I used my Yongnuo RF-602 trigger + recievers.After setting up everything I only had a few minutes before the train was due so took a few test shots to compose and focus using my wife as the test subject.
I knew I wanted to blur the train so needed a slowish shutter speed but fast enough to keep me and my daughter clear.
To slow the shutter speed enough I used my Hoya polariser to hold back some of the light.
I set my camera to manual so I had full control of the exposure and pre focused to prevent the camera hunting when we took the shots.
When the train was approaching I got in position and my daughter being such a good sport laid down on the floor and held onto my leg to look like she was being a bit naughty, I then laid out the few bits from the suitcase to try and make it look like it fell open and the contents spilled on the floor.
Basically everything was going wrong which it sometimes does when you travel lol.

Here is a diagram of the set up

Nikon D300s
Nikon 16-85@16mm
ISO 200
1/8 sec

Nikon SB600 1/2 power @85mm
Jessops 360AFD 1/4 power @35mm

I placed the 360 AFD at shoulder height to illuminate me and the SB600 was placed at waist height and pointing down towards my daughter.

Picture of my set up

This was actually very embarrasing and nerve racking as a few people where watching but it was also a  great learning curve as when we came away a load of thoughts popped into my head on how to improve things or do things differently.
The main picture isn't the picture I'm entering into the travel competition but one with the whole length of the train whizzing past has been entered.