Graffiti Wars

I was about to get on the train to the right when I looked back towards Brighton station, got out my camera and decided to grab a shot of the graffiti on the First Capital Connect train to the left.
This is an interesting dilemma, it is obviously criminal damage and I don't condone this at all but the naughty side of me thinks wow the artwork makes for some great photography and pictures.
I love the colours of the graffiti and how it reflects off the windows of the 377 on the opposite platform and the graffiti in my eyes gives this a new york subway style and feel.
I do think to myself why someone would want to do this when there are obviously plenty of supplied walls by the councils for these very naughty but talented people to practice the dark arts of graffiti.
Also how do they afford the paint because when I paint a bedroom or the front room I think jesus that pot of paint is expensive let alone how much it must cost for 50 tins of different coloured spray paints.
Do these people have jobs, don't they care that they might lose their job when they get caught and possibly go to prison.
Don't forget behind the scenes with the poor cleaners who have to get all this stuff off and the amount of time the train will be out of service when it gets cleaned.
The money something like this costs runs into thousands of pounds and then theres the disruption for fare paying passengers.

I would love to know your views and opinions wether you are an angry commuter or a misunderstood artist or you just want to put your point across.

I would just like to add this kind of graffiti is illegal, wrong and very naughty DONT DO IT !