Candy Cowboy

What better way than to start with my profile picture and get that blogging ball rolling.
This was a bit of cabin fever fun.
I painted on honey to my chin with a small brush then dipped my chin into a bowl full of sprinkles.
As this was the first time I tried this I didn't put the honey
on thick enough, I would have liked to have had a thicker sprinkly beard with no gaps.
This was a hard shot to take with me being the model and photographer.
I set up a stool and asked my daughter to sit on it whilst I composed the shot and focused.
Then we swapped over and I asked my daugther to look through the viewfinder and tell me how to move to be central in the shot and press the shutter button.
Some came out with my eyes blurry but thats the beauty of digital, try and try again.

My Nikon D300s was set up in position on my Manfrotto tripod.
I had 2x Jessops 360 AFD flashguns either side of my camera mounted on stands with see through umbrellas attached to both.
My Nikon SB600 was behind me taped to my monopod and attached to the stool pointing directly at the wall.
The Jessops flashguns where set at 1/2 power.
The Nikon SB 600 was set to full power.
The flashes where fired off camera via my Yongnuo RF-602 trigger + recievers.
I held a big silver reflector on my lap trying to direct light up into the shadows.
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